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  Season One (2001-2002)

1x01 Truth Be Told
1x02 So It Begins..
1x03 Parity
1x04 A Broken Heart
1x05 Doppelganger
1x06 Reckoning
1x07 Color-Blind
1x08 Time Will Tell
1x09 Mea Culpa
1x10 Spirit
1x11 The Confession
1x12 The Box (1)
1x13 The Box (2)
1x14 The Coup
1x15 Page 47
1x16 The Prophecy
1x17 Q&A
1x18 Masquerade
1x19 Snowman
1x20 The Resolution
1x21 Rendezvous
1x22 Almost Thirty Years

Season Two (2002-2003)

2x01 The Enemy Walks In
2x02 Trust Me
2x03 Cipher
2x04 Dead Drop
2x05 The Indicator
2x06 Salvation
2x07 The Counteragent
2x08 Passage (1)
2x09 Passage (2)
2x10 The Abduction
2x11 A Higher Echelon
2x12 The Getaway
2x13 Phase One
2x14 Double Agent
2x15 A Free Agent
2x16 Firebomb
2x17 A Dark Turn
2x18 Truth Takes Time
2x19 Endgame
2x20 Countdown
2x21 Second Double
2x22 The Telling