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I really need to start watching movies more closely and stop doing stuff on the computer (like making this section on this website) while I'm watching them. Because I kept looking up the screen and going, what are they doing here again? I kept up with the story, and got the ending, and everything, and went "awwwww," but I think I missed a lot of the nuances of the middle. And it's too bad, because I really liked it when I was actually concentrating on it.

The story of two literary researchers delving deep into a secret love affair between two Victorian poets by finding all sorts of hidden letters and things is an interesting one. (One wonders why no one had found the letter that started the whole thing before, though...I mean, it was just sitting there in the British Library, yes?) And I really enjoyed the cross-cutting between the modern day and the Victorian era. That was well-done, and the four main actors are all very good.

I still wonder about Gwyneth Paltrow's accent though. When I first saw her in Emma, I didn't know that she wasn't British, and her accent sounded very British to me. But now it doesn't seem quite right...a bit stilted, perhaps? Like it's obvious she's trying, maybe? Or maybe it's just because I know know that it isn't real, it doesn't sound real. Anyway, it annoyed me a little all the way through the film.

I'd like to watch it again sometime, but I probably won't soon, because there are too many others I want to see, plus I've had the DVD out from Netflix for like a month now, and would really like to send it back.