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<small><center>SOs to FortuneTeller (you'll always be at the top of my list), Amarra, atter, BlueBoy, borrowed girl, CarpeDi, Daps, darcie, Denise, Dogmeat, ducky, eirefaerie, Goddess@Home, idream, KAM, Kessie, littlexander, Mar, melusine, Morella, newt, numba1buffyfan, paks, Princess of Darkness, princessfantastico, roja, ShadowQuest, strangestgirl, *Sunburst*, tiggy, tralfamadore2001, Adri, Algerina, Aramina, BRAD, Cassie, Django, Fad23, Genevieve's Lucie, HumVee, Kaisa, mapleleaf, Molly, Narrator, Ojagwers, Old Man Fan, Old One, redwitch, seniorslayer, sunlit5, Syrdarya, white wings, willow_spike, wolfguard, abt, Catriona, chalkdusty, Covergirl, cuppa_tea, DUNOTS, elreyn24, Ergoshakes, firstwatcher, genrefan, jessanne, kathypg, ObisidianEyes, Raynn, ruyen, Sir Chris, Sita the Night Goddess, Unadopted Angie, XanFan32, Angeldust, Aylaking, buffybot, atomic vamp, Bear, Joss Weeds, lavender, Mizuno, Nyght Kittee, Schmoopie, shattering, Tash, weebeastie, VixenFaith, Zombies Ate My Dingo, and even Greasel, should he ever show up again and actually decide to scroll, and everyone else here. All you have to do to be SOed by me is talk to me! Or be new and I welcome you. Everyone should be able to control-F and find their name somewhere. That's my motto. (That said, I just took out a bunch of newbies who never showed back up, so if you were on here, and you're lurking or whatever, let me know!)

Famlet SOs to <b>Turk</b>, <b>Kaymyth</b>, and <b>CorruptorofFire</b>

VIP SOs to Alyson, James, Amber, Emma, Sarah, Tony, Eliza, Seth, David, Charisma, Alexis, Amy, J., Glenn, Nathan, Gina, Alan, Jewel, Morena, Summer, Marti Noxon, Tim Minear, Steve DeKnight, Drew Goddard, Drew Z. Greenberg, David Fury, Michael Gershman, -mere- (the third VIP to post to me in a very special three-day time span, and whose Angel episodes always rock), Erika Amato (the first VIP who posted to me, and who is therefore even more awesome, if that's possible) and Velvet Chain, Christopher Golden (who also posted to me!), Joss of course, and everyone else I forgot.</small>

<a href="http://www.fireflysupport.com">Keep Firefly Flying</a> (so there's nothing left we can do. I still want to keep it flying! *sniff*)
<a href="http://www.slayage.tv/conference/">Slayage Academic Conference on Buffy</a>

<small>Yahoo! = faithx5
AIM = fidesx5 (close to my board name but not quite...)
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Sargeant Breakfast Burrito of the Beta Infiltration Squad and Pastrintry
Provider of Chocolatey Goodness for SGP 2003
Proud to be <a href="http://www.hummingrose.com/">Defender of Season Six</a> #24
co-DoS6 procurer with <b>strangestgirl</b>
*not* Obsessed with Willow #1
Foster Bronzer of Fifths <i>Cimarron</i>, <i>Viola</i>, <i>Feste</i> (co-fostered with <b>Turk</b>), <i>Orsino</i>, and <i>King's College</i>

<a href="http://www.drewgoddard.com">Minion of Ultimate Drew</a> #456
<a href="http://www.iamaspy.com/mere">Merely Amazing</a> #39
<a href="http://www.janeespenson.com">Jane's Junkies</a> #235
<a href="http://www.iamaspy.com/gershman">Gershman's Groupies</a> #something-over-35 *g*

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<a href="http://www.tara.amberbenson.org/indexx.html">Tara</a> fan #499
<a href="http://angel-buffy.de/spikefanlisting/">Spike</a> fan #1084
<a href="http://www.temporary-insanity.com/anyafan/">Anya</a> fan #256
<a href="http://www.chasing-dogma.net/eviltwin/">Doppelgangland</a> Fan #108
<a href="http://firefly.englishsun.org">Firefly</a> fan #151
<a href="http://fan.shag-a-delic.com/alias/">Alias</a> fan #824



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